Disrupting the legal industry.

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Disrupting the legal industry.

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What we do

Access to legal advice is very expensive. Besides that, finding the right lawyer can be difficult. For these reasons, the threshold to contact a lawyer is quite high. Even if people go to lawyers for major matters, their everyday legal questions and minor matters remain unaddressed most of the time.

We at LegalBot decided to change that. To this end, we are developing a unique and revolutionary product. LegalBot is a legal chatbot that will provide you with quick and easy access to legal advice and draft the necessery legal paperwork. 

LegalBot will allow you to:


Address your Legal Problems Anywhere, Anytime

Avoid expensive Lawyer Consultations

Get Your Legal Paperwork Drafted Automatically

Our Technology

We use state of the art AI technology to make LegalBot smarter every day. This includes NLU (natural language understanding) and advanced machine learning algorithms which allow LegalBot to detect the user’s intents and to determine how to react adequately.

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